Paulo Maciel Junior

Telecomunmication Engineer from INATEL, specialized in Environmental Management and Water Resources. Started his career as an executive for Xerox Brazil. Worked as Environment Secretary of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Director of the State of Minas Gerais Environment Foundation – FEAM, Minas Gerais, Coordinator of the Master Project of the Sweet River Basin /Brazil – France Cooperation and of the Recovery Plan of the Pampulha Basin – PROPAM, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Was Academic Coordinator of the Ecobusiness School, headed many councils such as: Belo Horizonte Environment City Council – COMAM, Belo Horizonte Zoobotanic Council, Rio das Velhas Basin Comitee and the National Forum of Comitees on Basins. Was Secretary of the State of Minas Gerais Council on Environmental Policy – COPAM. Carried out many tasks in the environmental area. He is a Partner-Director of Lume Estratégia Ambiental Ltda. Published the following books: “The Last Forest”, “Zoning of Water – an instrument of management of water resources” and “Blue Gold. Water as an economic good “.

Marco Antônio Batista

Civil Engineer (FUMEC/93) specialized in Sanitary Engineering and Environment (UFMG/02), specializing in Business Management (Dom Cabral Foundation). Has 23 years of professional experience. In the private sector worked 9 years for Engesolo Engineering having worked on development of road projects and the supervision of road construction in the states of Minas Gerais and Pará. Worked for 10 years In the public sector. Was Superintendent of Environmental Control of the Environmental Department of Contagem / MG, where he coordinated the implementation of the System of Licensing and Environmental Control in the city. Was Manager of Environmental Licensing and Supervision of the Department of the Environment and Urban Sanitation in Belo Horizonte / MG. Taught courses in urban environmental licensing at the Ecobusiness School. Was visiting professor at the State University of Minas Gerais – UEMG, where he taught the discipline of Politics and the Environment in the course of Specialization in Environmental Education. Guest Professor at PUC (unit Arcos / MG) for the discipline of Evaluation of Environmental Impact in the course of Specialization in Integrated Environmental Management. Lecturer, presenter and participant in several events (Conferences, Seminars, Congresses, Fairs) on environmental issues.

João Vicente de F. Mariano

Geologist graduated at the UFMG is assistant coordinator of the licensing management of mining enterprises and railways, having worked in the last 20 years in the public and private sectors. In the private sector he worked with mineral research – gold, iron ore, bauxite and quartz – and also in the geotechnical area – BR 381 road, North-South Railway and Captain Eduardo Lacerda-Costa Railway. In the public sector worked in the Municipal Secretariat of Environment of Belo Horizonte, as an analyst of various environmental projects (services, commerce, industry, real estate, equipment, infrastructure, water and sanitation).

Marcel Faria Fraga

Architect and Urban Planner, Master in Sanitation, Environment and Water Resources, UFMG and MBA in Project Management and Business at IETEC. Experience and work on consulting projects and environment management. Works in the executive coordination of projects for licensing and management of urban development and infrastructure, especially for shopping malls, universities, healthcare facilities, residential developments and infrastructure of airports, ports, railways and industries. Among technical papers published, emphasis on the development of an overview of the generation of construction waste in Belo Horizonte with focus on minimizing impacts through the management and compatibility of project design and construction planning.

Yash Rocha Maciel

Geographer graduated from UNI-BH and expert on Sustainable Development and Tourism, UFMG, operates in the implementation of environmental studies and integration of physical, biotic and anthropic environments. It is responsible for developing the Geographic Information System – GIS of the company. Among published works stands out the elaboration of the Rehabilitation Plan of Degraded Areas – RPDA of the Cercadinho Brook in Belo Horizonte / MG, as a graduation monograph and the Opportunities and Barriers to Tourism Beyond Mineral Water Study in Caxambu / MG, as specialization monograph.

Wanderlei S. dos Santos Jr

Civil Engineer, Specialist in Environmental Management worked on the coordination of civil works with the private sector and urban infrastructure in the public area. In 2002 he joined the Secretariat of Environment of Belo Horizonte, carrying out several works with the management support to the Environment and Environmental Licensing of Impact Developments Council. During this period he held positions as a member of the Impact Development Evaluation Comission of the City Hall. Presented in several opportunities, lectures on environmental issues. Currently holds the office of assistant coordinator of the company.

Talita Martins Oliveira

Environmental Engineer and Technician from CEFET-MG, attending Latu Sensus Post – Graduation in Impact Studies and in Large Enterprises and Mining Environmental Licensing at PUC-MG. Worked in the Environmental Licensing Management and in Environmental Studies and Metal Planing Management for Companhia Vale do Rio Doce – Vale during graduation. She worked in the public and private sector developing projects in mining, solid waste, water resources and environmental education. Founding partner of the first Environmental Engineering Junior company of FUMEC University. Operates in support and integration of projects relating to the Vale contract and others.

Priscilla de F. Val Machado

Environmental Engineer from the University FUMEC. Worked in the public area in the Municipal Environment Department of Ibirité and private companies as a consultant for Environmental Management. Being noteworthy the licensing and environmental management of processes, supervision and execution of tasks and projects in the area of sanitation; technical analysis of bidding processes and environmental monitoring of road works. Published an article on the Research Project “Evaluation of the efficiency of sewage treatment by anaerobic filter and ditch filtration”.”.

Felipe de Castro Horta Hoffmann Martins

Geógrafo e Analista Ambiental. Cursou um ano extra ao longo da graduação na Universidade de Évora, em Portugal, onde aprofundou conhecimentos em Ciências Ambientais cursando disciplinas de formações como Ecologia, Biologia e Engenharia Química. Trabalhou com pesquisas relacionadas a Teorias do Conceito de Região, Geomorfologia Aplicada e Pedologia no decorrer da graduação. Na empresa, atua na coordenação de projetos e em demandas técnicas relacionadas aos meios físico e antrópico.

Maria Aparecida Silveira Costa

Journalist from PUC Minas (1988), specializing in Marketing and Corporate Communication at St. Augustine College (2005), when carried out studies of awareness and social mobilization. With 20 years of professional experience, she worked in several media offices in Belo Horizonte and was communication advisor of the Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte, where she worked on developing policies and strategies for internal and external communication and writing texts for the institution portal . Was head of journalism and general director of Radio America / BH, where she coordinated the implementation of the Network Minas Catholic Radio and was editor in chief of Minas Journal, daily edition of network with more than 20 radio stations in the interior of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo. Was manager of programming and production of Cathedral Network – Radio America, Radio Culture, TV Horizonte and Opinion Journal, where she led the reshaping of the program schedule of the communication vehicles with confessional and non- confessional national networks for formatting common programming. In the company, advises the board in the management of contracts and bidding processes and is responsible for the institutional management of the business relations of Ecobusiness Agency.

Letícia Oliveira Freitas

Bacharel e licenciada em Geografia pela PUC Minas (2008) e especialista em Geoprocessamento pela Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – UFMG (2010). Realizou dois anos de pesquisa científica pela FAPEMIG e PUC Minas, no âmbito do geoprocessamento, sensoriamento remoto e extensão universitária. Participou do macrozoneamento urbano para Planos Diretores Municipais, pela Fundação João Pinheiro e publicou artigos referentes aos projetos de pesquisa sobre análise espacial com utilização do Sistema de Informação Geográfica e planejamento interpretativo para comunidades próximas a Unidades de Conservação.

Denise A. Coelho de Oliveira

Technical Graduation in Labour Safety with emphasis on Environment by Target Technical School – Belo Horizonte. Health and safety consultant for the company of Medicine Carijós with work experience in the Minas Rio project in partnership with Camargo Correa S / A. At Lume, works in the mobilization and orientation of field and internal staff, mainly in the actions of Labour Health and Safety.

Lucas Santos Roque

Social scientist graduated at UFMG, Master of Social Sciences, operates in the areas of environmental and participatory management, resettlement of populations, socioeconomic diagnostic, public policy and cultural heritage. He has 15 years of professional experience, working as consultant and general coordinator of projects in relocation processes of resettled families, implementation of environmental education actions, income generation and psychosocial support, mapping of interested parties (stakeholders) for mining ventures, diagnostics of traditional communities for energy projects, development of alternative income and socio-cultural programs.He also acts in preparation of EIA, RCA / PDA, RADA and other environmental studies for mining, railway, airport and hydroelectric projects. At Lume, works as a manager of several activities and coordinates socioeconomic studies.

Flávia Nascimento Souza

Graduated in Engineering and Master in Forest Sciences, Federal University of Lavras (UFLA), has experience in the areas of Forest Inventory and Dendrometry, emphasis on the participation as scientific team and as author of book chapters of the project “Mapping, Inventory of Native Vegetation and Forestry of the State of Minas Gerais “, as well as in the Forest Manegement area, especially for vegetation of Cerrado sensu stricto. At Lume, works in the development and implementation of forest surveys in order to investigate the processes related to the removal of vegetation and environmental licensing.

Luiz Gustavo Dias

Graduated in Biological Sciences and Master in Ecology, Conservation and Wildlife Management, UFMG, with experience in ecology, behavior, management and conservation of terrestrial mammals. Coordinated the project for the conservation of spider (Muriqui) monkeys in Minas Gerais with the MMA / Biodiversitas. He was also field manager of the project “Tropical Ecology, Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM / Rio Doce) by Conservation International / UFMG. He worked as a consultant specialist for small, medium and large mammals and also in a management project of primates. In the company acts as environmental analyst, participating in the development and implementation of projects.

Westerley Amaral de Castro

Administrator and Accounting Technician – Graduated from the Catholic University of Minas Gerais – PUC MG Eucharistic Heart Unit, worked for MINASCAIXA 1980 to 1991 acting from messenger up to coordinator of the Treasury, Current Accounts and Accounting departments. From 1991 to 2009 participated as managing partner of CTS Accounting & Auditing, working as Account Manager and Technology Manager, he coordinated the creation and implementation of the project SIGA Integrated System of Assisted Management by using ERP “Sapiens”. In Lume holds the post of Administrator.

Rafael Fiuza Lanna

Biologist and Environmental Analyst graduated from PUC Minas. He worked in state agencies as the State Forest Institute – IEF and the State Foundation for the Environment – FEAM, where he acquired and applied knowledge in environmental management. At Lume, acts in preparation of environmental studies focusing on the theme fauna.

Maria Margareth A. Cançado

Responsible for the corporate execution of special projects.

Pollyanna Caíque de Souza

Responsible for administrative and financial operational execution.

Priscila Maria Marques

Responsible for administrative support services.

Mariel Aranda Fernandes Vieira

Trainee studying Environmental Engineering at the University FUMEC.

Henrique Alves Pesciotti

Trainee studying Environmental Engineering at the University FUMEC.