Lume Ambiental

Lume Ambiental


LUME’s mission is to work for environmental sustainability based on a strategic vision, qualifying and adding value to organizations and their businesses. Offering solutions in environmental management through:

  • Creativity and efficiency to deal with the environmental regulatory system;
  • Institutional articulation and development capacity;
  • Conflict resolution and ability to negotiate.


  • Search for results with quality and compliance with and enforcement of legislation;
  • Actions with transparency and visibility;
  • Ethics and respect for employees, customers and competitors.

Human assets (employees, partners, collaborators and consultants) 

  • Fair pay for services;
  • Opportunities for professional growth;
  • Concern for the whole LUME family.


  • Wisdom to deal with the multiple dimensions of sustainable development;
  • Participatory process that respects the diversity, working out differences in search of consensus;
  • Responsibility with the preservation of life in all its forms and continuous improvement and search for environmental gain.